Alec Torelli's Poker Hand Range System

Alec Torelli Testimonial

“I've used Alec's 'Hand Reading System' to systematically figure out what my opponents are thinking. Since I've implemented his strategies I've moved up in stakes and win at $5/$10 and beyond."

-Kevin Benetiz, Pro Poker Player

Alec Torelli Testimonial 2

“Alec's simple to follow strategy training video made it easy for me to understand hand reading. Now I feel confident that I can pinpoint what my opponents are holding in each hand I play against them.'"

-Sean McDonough, Pro Poker Player

Alec Torelli's Hand Reading System

Want to hand read like the pros? Download Alec's 'Hand Reading System' to get access to the exact system Alec uses for each and every decision he makes at the poker table. You can use this complete step by step guide in every hand you play vs. any opponent to outwit the competition.

  • Step by step 9-page PDF guide.
  • In depth strategy video explaining exactly how to figure out what your opponents are holding using live footage from a televised cash game. 
  • Learn Alec's four step hand reading process to adjust your current game and opponents.
  • I used to sell this 'Hand Reading System' for $97, so download it now (it's FREE) before I come to my senses and take this page down!