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Group Coaching with Alec Torelli 

Monthly group coaching session with Alec, including open Q&A, which will then be recorded and uploaded to your video library to view at any time.

Private Slack and Facebook Group 

Get access to an exclusive community of aspiring players just like yourself who are looking to take their game to the next level. With oversight fom a Conscious Poker Certified Coach, you'll have your questions answered from a successful pro whose still crushing the games.

Hand Of The Day & Ask Alec Priority 

Opportunity to submit #HandoftheDay and #AskAlec directly to Alec with priority access to be featured on YouTube. Priority access to joining Alec on his Live Hand of the Day show on YouTube.

4 Step Poker Foundation Videos

Learn Alec's step by step process for how to put your opponents on a hand range in clear, easy to follow videos. These videos will also teach you how to think through hands like a pro by using secrets that only the pros know about. Learn how to properly utilize advanced poker software, and how to review hands like a professional to ensure you're staying ahead of the curve. Comes with worksheets. Course originally sold for $197.00.

Poker Training & Video Library

Improve your hand reading, learn to put your opponents on a hand range, and be more confident in each decision you make at the poker table. Learn Alec's thought process in some of the biggest most most notable hands he's played including those featured on National Television in high stakes cash games like Poker Night in America. New videos every week. 

Alec Torelli, Founder of Conscious Poker


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